Why work with JPLand?

The people who get ahead in their careers do so because they are proactive. They understand that their boss and their company don’t always have their best interests in mind.  Not to say they don’t care, but the days where you can work for one company, straight out college and expect to retire there is, unfortunately, a thing of the past.  The people who are ahead of the pack are there because they take ownership and responsibility for their own careers and look out for their own bests interests, as well as their company’s.

The most common reason VPs of Sales, Sales Managers and Sales Reps within the packaging industry reach out to JPLand is because they have career goals and aspirations that they are not able to fulfill at their current company. They want career progression but aren’t willing to relocate or their boss isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Since their current company isn’t growing to the point where there is new job creation, they try to look at what their next step is internally, but it’s not clearly defined. They want more, to feel empowered and involved more in the strategic direction of their company.

Another issue they may be experiencing is they look at their personal values and they aren’t necessarily aligned with their company’s values.  This may come down to their company not being very transparent, not feeling like they have a voice or not being recognized for their achievements and success. Sales leaders want to work for a company who has a vision that they can share and believe in.

An additional problem they are experiencing is change. Change that isn’t necessarily what’s best for them personally. It could be their company has merged, a former coworker who lacks the competencies and traits to be an effective manager has become their new boss, a new compensation plan, more overnight travel or a new ERP system.  Whatever the case may be, the position they find themselves in today, is impacting them negatively. This affects their job enjoyment, their ability to continue to grow their personal income, their family life and customer satisfaction.

To make matters worse, there is a bunch of red tape and bureaucracy within their organization. Their CEO manages from an ivory tower and has lost touch with the company’s customers and employees. This is okay when the right team underneath them is able to make decisions, but becomes problematic when conclusions are reached that just don’t benefit you or the company’s customers. Sales leaders want to work for a company who understands and acts like they truly care about their customers and it’s employees. They also want to work in an environment where decisions can be made quickly.


If any of this resonates with you, feel free to confidentially reach out to one of our recruiters at (513) 745-2300.