Our Rigorous Search Process


Step 1: Search Assignment Approval

We look at the position to determine whether or not the search assignment fits our acceptable assignment criteria. Factors include the skills and experience desired for the position, whether the position will provide career growth for the candidate, the competitiveness of the compensation, the hiring process and our role as the headhunter.

Step 2: Client Approval

Once there is a mutual agreement to work together, we submit our own version of the position specifications for approval. Upon client’s confirmation, the search begins. Recruiting, interviewing and hiring timelines and deliverables for both parties are established and agreed upon.

Step 3: Telesource

Our prospective list of candidates comes from picking up the phone and directly calling individuals at the companies you want to recruit from. We are able to put together organizational charts and decide where to target our recruiting efforts.

Step 4: Headhunt

Exploratory phone calls are made to potential candidates to determine fit. The top candidates are given more details about the opportunity to determine if there is job stretch and new challenges that will help them grow professionally.

Step 5: Sales Assessment

JPLand uses an assessment that accurately predicts whether nor not the person has the right DNA, skills and competencies to be successful in the role.  If too many weaknesses come up in the assessment, candidates come back “not worthy of consideration” and they are not moved forward within the recruiting process.

Step 5: Formal Interview With JPLand

JPLand uses the “Topgrading” interviewing process that we use to further evaluate and interview candidates who come back as “worthy of consideration” or “recommended” from the sales assessment. This formal interview engineers the candidates “Executive Summary” and packages the candidates to help prepare for the client and candidate interview. This ensures that time spent is on giving the candidate an audition to determine how they would perform in the job, instead of spending time determining if the candidate is qualified for the job. We’ve already done the screening for you. Candidates presented will include the findings from the sales assessment, executive summary of the candidate, detailed list of skills, resume, checked references, current compensation, what they need financially to make a move and what it is that will propel them to make a move from their current role.

Step 6: The Short List Verbal Delivery

Candidates are now presented to the client verbally. This allows for an open dialogue to dive more into the candidates recruited and selected for interviews.

Step 7: Client/Candidate Interviews

Now that everyone involved has been prepared thoroughly, interviews should be conducted seamlessly. Since JPLand has already laid so much groundwork before this meeting occurs, the candidate now has the opportunity to explain how they would accomplish the objectives and overcome the obstacles the position would have. This also allows the client to sell the candidate on the opportunity, since they know at this point that they have a strong and viable candidate.

Step 8: Verbal Offer/Acceptance

Before a formal offer is made, JPLand will verbally share the offer with the candidate. Any of the candidate’s concerns will be addressed with the client. If the candidate accepts, JPLand is given permission to accept, on the candidate’s behalf. The client will be informed that their offer has been accepted and a start date is established.

Step 9: The Formal Offer/Acceptance

A call is established among the client, the candidate and JPLand. This allows the client to extend the formal offer and the candidate to accept. The start date is confirmed. Client has successfully concluded their search for their ideal candidate.

Step 10: Candidate Transition

We continue to work with the candidate to prepare him to give notice and field the enticing counteroffer. This can be a very emotional time for the candidate as change now becomes a reality. Since we have walked through this experience a number of times with every position we have filled, we are able to foreshadow the events that can transpire before they happen allowing the candidate to better handle the situation and remain confident in their decision.