Why do Packaging CEOs work with JPLand?

We understand that packaging CEOs need scalability.  This can’t happen when their management team is only running around putting out fires and coming to them when there are problems.  They hire their sales management with the expectation that they are not only going to think differently than the salespeople, but they are going to think differently than themselves as well. To make things more interesting, the company may have experienced some growth recently, but it’s been organic from a few legacy accounts that are demanding more product.  As great as that is, they’re unsure of if or when that will happen again.  What these CEOs really desire more than anything, is a management team in place who thinks like them and worries about how the company is going to get to the next level, not just think and act on a granular level regarding whether or not they are going to get a sale by next Friday.  They need strategic thinkers, not just managers who are going to be another senior, glorified sales rep.

The issue packaging CEOs are running into is, they are hiring sales management, who at best, can go out in the field to help salespeople close a deal.  But what they really need is to bring in sales leaders who can teach and challenge them in a way where they smile when it happens because they know they are surrounding themselves with really, really good leaders and they themselves are now better because of it.

Client Endorsements

Ryan Moody

Director of Sales, IPS Packaging

“Not only did JPLand place me in my current role, but also they helped me recruit sales reps as well.

I have been impressed with the quality of sales people that JPLand has recruited for me. They do a nice job of providing an objective point of view of each candidate they present. Their assessment and in-depth understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the people they recruit is very thorough and spot on accurate. You can tell that the firm really takes the time on the front end to make sure we are interviewing and hiring the right people.

JPLand has a very good reputation within the packaging industry. Even some of my supplier’s sales reps were recruited and placed by JPLand. Personally, I had the pleasure of meeting Jerry Land in Las Vegas at PackExpo. It was nice to finally meet the person who had courted me to the company that I’m with today.

I believe that if you find yourself dealing with JPLand, you’ll find them very insightful and easy to work with.”

John Gee

Vice President of Sales – Systems Solutions – Pregis

“JPLand not only recruited me into my current role, but since then, has been my go-to headhunters for building my sales team as well.

I use JPLand for our sales recruiting efforts because of the quality of people they bring to the table. For every 3 candidates we interview through them, we make a hire. It saves so much time when all I have to do is provide them with the city I want the person to live and the date and times I will be there to interview. They then do their thing and make everything else happen.

While there are plenty of other avenues that are less expensive I can choose to take, I decide not to because the candidates they come up with are superior to any other source I have tried. The Sales Reps I have hired through him have a stable job history, a proven track record of documented sales success and have reached President’s Club status in their careers. Due to their strong business development skills, the Reps he has placed with me have been instrumental in helping my company expand into untouched markets and capture additional market share from our competition.”

Brennen King

National Sales Manager – AmerCare 

“We were a little hesitant in working with JPLand at first because we had never worked with a recruiting firm or heard of their firm prior to our working relationship together.

It helped put us at ease when we realized that they really understood our industry and where to find our ideal candidate. We liked the fact that they were committed to flipping over every rock until the right candidate was found. We were impressed that the recruiting process involves being proactive and recruiting sales talent directly out of companies from within our industry.

JPLand took the time upfront to get to know our company by taking the initiative to fly to our corporate headquarters and meet our executive management team a week after our agreement to work together. This helped them better understand our culture and be prepared to share our story with potential candidates.

We hired JPLand to help us recruit an Account Manager to cover TX, OK and AR. The initiation of the search was June 4th, 2014 and the candidate’s start date was August 13th, 2014. During this time, we interviewed 2 candidates through JPLand. Both candidates were well qualified to do the job. We extended an offer to one of them, which was accepted. We were extremely satisfied with both the speed and the quality of the work that was performed.

Our financial investment with JPLand to conduct the search will allow us to grow the TX, OK and AR market. We will continue to retain JPLand as we continue to focus on expanding our market and company.”

If you’re a Packaging CEO and would like to learn more about how JPLand may be able to help you, feel free to reach out one of our Packaging Sales Recruiters directly at 513-713-5897.