The CAVE® Methodology


We have an acronym for what we do around here.


We notice that a lot of companies that are growing, it’s all because of their management layer.   It’s hard enough to hire salespeople but it’s amazing how people mess up the process of hiring a sales leader because they want to believe in the person they’re interviewing.  Most companies cave when it comes to hiring the right sales leader.  CAVE® gets sales hiring right.


CAVE®—Challenge. Align. Validate. Engage.


C – We find that most companies, and don’t take this offensively, CAVE because they do not Challenge when they hire a sales leader because they want to believe.  So when a sales manager candidate says I’m the best because I hired 10 people and I’m a great coach, they just check it off the list and say “Great, we found our sales manager” and ask when they can start.  They don’t Challenge it!  They don’t interrogate reality.  They don’t push back.  They get desperate or don’t like interviewing and they get happy ears when the candidate “talks the talk”.  But can they really “walk the talk”?  We have a proven, defined process where we have perfected the art challenging in a healthy, nurturing way because we have found one thing:  people, especially when interviewing, are full of fluff, they lie.  The worst part is they tell you what you want to hear, and you’ll say “Oh, they’re speaking my language” and no one challenges it.  So, the C is for Challenge.


A – This is a big issue for most companies.  If JPLand were to sit down and talk with you to find out what are your 5 non-negotiable traits you need, and you can’t rattle them off right now, then you know what?  You shouldn’t even be hiring a manager.  In fact, a lot of companies typically go as far as misaligning management traits with that of a salesperson and wonder why they hired another manager who is another salesperson. We need to Align the traits and attributes with that of the optimal candidate for management.  If you don’t, then you know what, you get what you get and you can’t get upset because you didn’t put together the right shopping list.  We have a whole process to get you Aligned.  A is for Alignment.


V – Most companies, they don’t Validate.  In addition to challenging, we have to Validate.  We have a very, time-proven process for Validating.  We have assessments that assess for sales management competencies, a specific process for the way we do references, role playing………, down to make sure that we cannot take a chance, it’s too expensive, it will destroy your culture if you hire the wrong person.  V is for Validate.


E – Which brings us E, we need to Engage candidates, as well as find and recruit candidates who are also Engaging.  There is a way to interview that doesn’t just challenge and validate but it also pulls that person in.  Companies aren’t very good at creating a positive interviewing experience and scenario for the candidate, so it often ends up one-sided, which does not appeal to the ideal candidate.  It actually turns them off.  That’s our responsibility as an executive search firm.  We have a way of working with and coaching you, to make sure the desired candidate wants to come work for you.  So that, you’re grabbing the best talent you can.  We also have a way of Engaging people who are not active on the job market when we initially recruit them to get their attention and drive interest in your opportunity.  We build their desire by getting them to think critically and Engaging them in a dialogue about their careers.  We also Engage them through storytelling.  We are able to get them to take action.  E is for Engage.


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