A search firm partner who cares will make the conversation about and ask a lot of questions about you, what your goals, interests and challenges are.


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If you’re a company hiring for sales and sales leadership, how do you evaluate a search firm partner to work with?

In this situation, I would evaluate potential search firm partners the same way I evaluate candidates. I don’t evaluate candidates purely based on what they tell me, what they claim on their resume, or any of that stuff. I look beyond the surface level and pay attention the questions they ask me. If they can engage me and ask intelligent, critical-thinking questions that draw and pull me in, that is going to be the difference-maker.


The recruiter that focuses on your needs is the search firm that I would want to work with.


A good recruiter and/or search firm will do the same for you. They won’t tell you how wonderful they are—they’ll make the conversation about you and what your goals and challenges are. The search firm that focuses on your needs is the one that I would want to work with, and I hope it’s the one you would want to work with as well.

If you have any questions about evaluating search firm partners, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I’d be glad to help you.