Today we’re focusing on the challenges that we as recruiters and business leaders have faced in our careers, and how we overcame them.


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I’m back for part four of my discussion with Kevin Green, Chief Executive of RECUK, and a panel of business leaders and recruiters. This time, we discussed the type of culture we are trying to create in our business. Here’s a transcription of the Q&A:


This is the kind of culture we are trying to create.


Kevin: What type of culture are you trying to create so you can retain that critical resource in your organization?

Jerry Land, JPLand: I really want the people that I hire to see us as a professional service and advisor as opposed to someone who sources the internet and finds people that are looking for jobs. To me, that’s not what recruiting is about.

If you have any questions about recruiting or the kind of culture we have here at JPLand, please reach out to me via phone or email.