Today we’re focusing on the challenges that we as recruiters and business leaders have faced in our careers, and how we overcame them.

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Today we’re going to look at a compelling discussion between Kevin Green, Chief Executive of RECUK, and a panel of business leaders and recruiters, including myself. Highlighted is my response to a question about overcoming challenges in the course of our careers, and what we can learn from them.

Kevin: One of the things I’m interested in is hearing about a big challenge you’ve faced in your career, how you overcame it, and what you learned about yourself and your business.

Something that’s clear is that managing a human capital business isn’t easy because it’s about managing human beings and all those human interfaces.


Managing a human capital business isn’t easy.


Jerry Land, JPLand: A big mistake I made early in my career—this is my 16th year of recruiting— was around year five. I had a very large client that I was placing a lot of people with. I had a situation where the VP was interviewing, and the candidates were coming back and sharing that they were turned off through the interviewing process, which is frustrating as a recruiter.

So instead of coaching that VP on how to interview better— or even going to HR and asking them how to handle it—I actually went above the VP’s head and asked if somebody else could interview the candidates. Huge mistake, on so many levels.

And that’s also the value that a recruiter can bring: helping companies actually hire better. It’s more than just recruiting.

If you have any questions about recruiting, or the value that recruiters bring to a business, please reach out to me.